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Best Alternative For Slum System

Slum system is highly practiced in the developing countries. Due to many reasons number of slum area is increasing by leaps and bounds however the economy condition of the country plays the vital role in the creation of slums. Slum is basically an area in which houses are made in illegal way. Click over at this webpage to know more on the best alternative for slum system.  

Reasons behind slums
• Perspective of slum is to create shelter by that populace of the country which are shelter less or who do not have roof for spending their life.
• Migration- Slum area is created by those immigrants from villages or small towns who are seeking for a job or come in metropolitan cities for their livelihood and who do not have much capita to invest in to a new housing scheme or to take a house on rent subsequently in search for a shelter they often invest their capita in a cheap temporary haven. Customarily they are made up of tin shade, mud, bricks, effective UTE canopy at Brisbane etc.
• Recession- Recession in the economy of any country is the main reason behind the slum system.
• Natural calamities- Natural calamities such as tremors, flood , drought etc gives pace to the slum system as they obliterate, wreck the dwelling of many people affected and render them homeless in order to find transient shelter for their survival making temporary shelter in the slum area is the Hobson’s choice for them.

Impact of slum system
• Congestion or over population – Due to slum system metropolitan cities, cities can face problems related to overcrowding.
• Ill-literacy- More the slum population more will be the poor inhabitants and consequently unable to afford education.
• Low literacy rate – More the slum more will be the ill literate populace and will give a major push back to the development of a country.
• Low per capita income.
• Low standard of living – Slum system in any city will some way or the other will hinder the standard of living of that city.
• Child labour- as the number of slum area will increase it will arise the struggle to earn livelihood for the survival and due to lack of money , education child of the house will be compelled to work hence worth will result to child labour.
• Hike in price of commodities- As the number of slums will augment the population of that city will increase and thus the boost in the population will leads to increase in the demand of any commodity such as food item, fuel, vegetables, fruits etc and thus the increase in the demand of the supply of the commodity will give a pace to the price of the commodity in demand.